Thursday, June 20, 2024

Introduction to Challenges

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I hope that you will be inspired by the selection of the questions.  Why don't we work together to help each other and anyone else that finds this page.   If there aren't any comments within a few weeks I will post some of my thoughts or short notes to get things started. 

Life would be boring without challenges and the opportunity to develop.  It is very easy to repeat things over time and to not explore and assess the effectiveness of the things we do and say.  I hope together we can use this section to share and challenge each other.


Who are these challenges aimed at?

This section will try to provide you with mini challenges and thought provoking tasks.  There are 3 sections, one for - Coaches, Players and Parents

You may wish to try the challenges for all three and offer your thoughts even if you don’t think that it’s your category.  Putting yourself in the mindset of a parent or coach could give you a different perspective.  I often find inspiration by exploring alternative viewpoints; I hope that you will too.


Types of Challenges

Some will need you to write down your ideas using bullet points.  There is no need for large amounts of text.  The idea is that people will will be concise and direct with ideas and thoughts.  The easier to understand they are the better.  
Other challenges will be practical, both on the court and in the gym.  You can explore different types of movements and decide which you like best.



Have you ever tried to coach in a different style; possibly talking less or giving instructions using ‘cues’ rather than precise technical instructions?
An old friend once asked me to describe 3 different ways of coaching a net shot and movement to a junior player.  Later on, his asked me to do the same coaching a spinning net shot. Both tasks certainly challenged me but I found that I benefited from the stress!



These challenges will be varied and contain tasks around how you communicate with your children, and how you communicate with their coaches.  Some will give you an opportunity to consider how the family plans badminton around school and exams or how your diet ideas compare to expert advice.



I have collected many questions from players over the years.  Some of my individual players have been highly motivated and wanted to know 'everything'.

The questions in this section are often very personalised and direct, starting with “I want to ….”.  If you are a player, I believe that you must have questions.  I recommend that seek to answers ask yourself first.  Another way is by asking other players, coaches, looking on YouTube or, of course, reading this website.

If you have already experienced the challenges, you are willing to share the solutions you have found?

What’s next

If you feel inspired to send me your ideas and thoughts then please do so, contact me here.

Try the challenges now and test yourself    Click Here

To inspire you I have given a selection of the questions that together we can consider in the future.  I will publish my thoughts and those of others I know who are willing to share.

I will get back to you as soon as I can