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BWF  Coaches Conference Worlds 2017


This BWF  high-quality  Coaching Conference has held in Glasgow during the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017.

7 showcase  videos

Kenneth Larsen – the use of conditioned games (2v1) in the development of tactical and physical skills in men’s singles

Pi Hongyan and Xu Huaiwen  – coaching clinic with questions from the audience including net spins &

Kenneth Larsen – developing player’s self-esteem through recognition

Xu Huaiwen and Pi Hongyan – on court demonstration of modern day women’s singles

Dr Mark King –  a study of the badminton jump smash: speed and accuracy

Stewart Kerr – Shoulder Injury Prevention Programme for Athletes

Expert Panel Q&A :  Xu Huaiwen, Pi Hongyan, Kenneth Larsen, Tan Kim Her

Julian North : Effective Badminton Player Development Systems: Evidence from Asia and Europe

John Neal – Coaching Character for Winning Performance


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