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6 Ways to develop effective Badminton grips
“how can I get players to use the ‘right’ grip”
“how can I prevent players from using an ‘incorrect’ grip?”

How often have you overheard these questions?   What would you advise ?

The way a player initially starts to hold the racket can have a fundamental influence on their future development and, in my opinion, their enjoyment.  Inappropriate grips will certainly inhibit and in some cases prohibit the development of strokes and tactics.... read more

Badminton AndyThese 6 suggestions are aimed at giving you ideas about how to introduce, practice and improve the way the racket is held or gripped.  Dont forget to take a look at the bonus content from the Badminton Ireland Coaches Conference 2019

1  Wallwork

2  Below shoulder strokes

3  Instruction = success

4  Outcomes are important

5  Practices, tasks & challenges

6  Teaching to forget